Hey there! Welcome to Feisty Press! It’s almost time for Celebrity Big Brother’s all female launch! Are you ready for it? Join us to find out what goes on!

As usual, channel 5 cram in as many adverts as they can!

It’s Celebrity Big Brother time! Year of the women! Great title sequences! But is Run the World going to get annoying?

With it being an all female theme, because of 100 years women right to vote, do we think Big Brother will be…Big Sister?

Emma confirms that tonight there will be eight housemates will be going in tonight, and there will be women we didn’t expect. They’re also running the house, and in charge of the house, and they will hold the power.

Men will enter the house, but not tonight.

Bedrooms are named after influential women. The house looks very homely, and has very nice decor. Who wouldn’t want a sauna and a heated pool in January?

The Diary Room chair is incredible! It’s like a throne. Big Brother is of course a woman.

First housemate is Ann Widdicombe!

Side thought: when the men enter, will it be an all male audience?

Ann was convinced because she was told the house was more serious and about women’s liberation. Let’s see if Big Brother can keep that up for her, or if it’s all been a mistake.

Ann is not a fan of the decor. She called it an Ikea showroom.

Next to go in is Khloé Kardashian’s bestie. Malika will be entering the house after the break.

Lets hope Malika lives up to what we expect from her. Will she be interesting or dull?

Can’t believe they’ve got rid of Marcus?!

Next is Rachel Johnson, Boris Johnson’s sister.

She has said she’s been offered it many times, but has always said no. With female empowerment being the theme, she wanted in, so she joined.

Rachel is a little worried about seeing Ann, by the looks of things!

Ashley James has gone in. She’s a blogger and an influencer, apparently.

India Willoughby has entered, and is the first transgender news reader.

Maggie Olivier is next in, a police officer who stood up for sexual abuse.

I am so happy this house isn’t full of reality TV ‘stars’ who are there just to get off with people and advance their tabloid fees!

We’ve now got a glamour model…we were doing so well. She can’t even say feminism.

Let’s stop bashing people and over take the men? She doesn’t know what feminism is, clearly.

Jess is loving to meet people mind.

Amanda Barry is the final housemate. Apparently she’s a legend.

So that’s it for the tonight! Now Emma will talk to the house.

Technical difficulties, but not really guys! Emma’s about to go into the house for a task.

Emma has gone in. What’s happening next?

The men enter the house on Friday! It’s time to see who gets immunity.

Housemates begin to fix the circuit board. They have to pull the lever in front of them at the same time.

Amanda and Jess were first to pull the lever! They now get immunity.

And that’s that! See you soon, Feisty People! Let’s hope for an all male audience on Friday for equality!

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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