Tonight, Piers Morgan sits down with Caitlyn Jenner in his ITV programme, ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’…

Since Caitlyn Jenner transitioned, she’s somewhat disappeared from the public eye. She faced countless backlashes from the LGBT community, following comments that she didn’t want to look like a ‘man in a dress’. She also failed to keep her reality TV programme, I Am Cait, on TV. Her book, ‘The Secrets of My Life’, failed to become a bestseller, despite confirming she had finalised her gender reassignment surgery.

On the show, topic of conversation naturally turns to the Kardashian’s, and the family that undeniably relaunched Bruce’s career.

Talking about her gender reassignment surgery, Caitlyn revealed that whilst the Kardashian’s did receive advanced copies of her autobiography, they did not receive the final pages that revealed her procedure.

‘I didn’t tell anybody. It’s none of their businesses.’ Caitlyn told Piers Morgan. ‘I had already been living as Caitlyn for a year and a half, okay? I didn’t want them to leak it to the press, okay? There was no reason for them to know about it, of course I didn’t trust them.’

She continued to say she doesn’t talk to the Kardashian’s anymore. ‘I don’t talk to the Kardashian’s anymore. The only ones I am concerned about are Kendall and Kylie. They are my biological kids. I spent 23 years carting them around.’

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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