Men, let’s admit it, we’ve all looked at what we’re packing and wishing it could be just that little bit bigger…

Whilst women can have a higher success rate at enhancing their breasts, for men, the procedure to enlarge your manhood can be a very…hard.

Current procedures include cutting the suspensory ligament, so the penis looks longer, or the use of soft silicone. Both procedures are risky, and can ruin the look of your package.

But now it looks as though a new company is hoping to come up with a new process, which would be safer, to enlarge men’s body parts.

The company, StemProtect, is looking into using using stem cell surgery as a way to enlarge men’s willies.

The surgery would mean liposuction from the man’s stomach, then using some stem cells from half of the fat and adding it to what remains of the fat.

The mixture would then be placed into the penis in a similar way to that of a filler of silicone. They believe this will stop the body rejecting the filler, and will be less likely to cause infections.

Mark Hall from StemProtect said: ‘We’re entering a new age of cosmetic surgery, one which is striving to not only look more natural than ever before, but which is also seeking to use more and more natural materials and procedures to achieve the finished look. People are now very aware that natural is better, but at the same time they want to improve their appearance wherever they can.’

He went on to explain that natural elements in surgery are the way forward: ‘The result is something that stem cells can really help with, growing tissue from a person’s own cells so that it’s not rejected by the body. Nowhere is this more useful than in complicated and sensitive surgeries such as penis enlargement. Anything other than natural tissue is always a big risk, but with stem cells you can effectively just improve on nature using all the original materials.’

But how soon this could be a new procedure, we don’t know, as more research into this theory and using stem cells needs to be conducted.

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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