A luxury hotel has decided to ban all bloggers from staying at their hotel, following YouTuber Ella Darby asking to stay for free in exchange for exposure…

These days, ‘social media influencers’ ‘vloggers’ and ‘bloggers’ think the world revolves around them, so when they’re denied anything for free, they kick off.

That’s the case for YouTuber Ella Darby, who emailed a luxury hotel asking to stay a weekend for free, in exchange for great exposure.

The hotel, The White Moose Cafe, quickly responded by saying that she would need to pay, as staff would need payment and that’s how business works.

The email from Ella was shared on The White Moose Cafe’s Facebook feed, but did not expose Ella.

Yet Ella went on to make a video saying she had been victimised and maliciously exposed.

A tweet was posted with an image saying: ‘I was exposed’.

Following this, the hotel decided to ban all bloggers, citing them as entitled and having hissy fits.

Whilst we at Feisty believe this was a good decision, the blogging community is out in force.

Entitlement is strong.

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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