You won’t believe this, but new talk on the tech scene suggests that Apple are looking to discontinue their iPhone X…

Their most expensive handset has apparently failed to meet performance expectations, and has not sold as much as Apple predicted when launching their most ambitious handset to date.

According to a top tech analyst, and Apple expert, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could be axing the iPhone X from sale as soon as this summer.

Because of poor sales, Apple are struggling to justify the cost of making more.

But it isn’t the end of the iPhone X altogether. It’s rumoured that Apple will be migrating the features of the current model, such as face recognition ID, to future handsets, such as the iPhone X Plus.

Kuo believes Apple are gearing up to release three new models this year, and believes that the iPhone X will be axed due to poor sales in China.

When the X debuted, many people were unhappy with the ‘notch’ on the top of the screen, which interrupts the display and houses the camera.

Meanwhile, analyst Daniel Ives believes the rumours are just that: rumours. He said: ‘We believe the worries around iPhone X demands have been greatly exaggerated. We do not foresee any sun-setting of models in 2018, as Apple will release a number of newer models at different price points between now and mid 2018 to capture upgrade opportunities on its 350 million users currently in the upgrade window.’

Do you have an iPhone X? Let us know what you think!

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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