A few days ago on Feisty Press, we told you about a YouTuber that asked for a free stay in a hotel in exchange for publicity, and then cried about it when she was rejected…

But now the story continues, after the hotel owner, Paul Stenson, sent YouTuber Ella Darby an invoice for all of the articles written about her video, where she claimed to be victimised.

Stenson refused to allow Darby to stay for free, saying that staff would not be paid if that happened. He took to Facebook to share her email, all the while blocking out her name, and stated that bloggers had a sense of entitlement that got on his nerves.

Ella Darby saw the Facebook post, and decided to make the White Moose Cafe pay for their actions, by releasing a video that detailed how she had been left feeling humiliated.

Following this, Stenson took to Facebook again with this post:

This caused the blogging community into either outrage or support directed at the White Moose Cafe. Then we thought it was all over: another day, another hour, right?


Paul Stenson has continued the heated argument by sending Darby an invoice for all of the media coverage following this public spat.

The invoice states that Darby now owes him €5,289,000.00. Of course, the invoice is tongue in cheek, and is another way for the White Moose Cafe to get some free publicity, but some bloggers can’t help but continue the argument, claiming Stenson should just move on.

What do you make of the news?

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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