Kesha is set to wear a white rose and perform at the Grammy’s tomorrow, and it’s all in a bid to support the #MeToo movement…

American artist Kesha has had a troublesome few years, but rose out of the ashes last year with her third album, Rainbow.

It followed after years of uncertainty on whether or not Kesha would actually be able to record music again, after she came forward to say that her producer of hits such as Tik Tok had sexually abused her.

But now, with her first Grammy nominations under her belt, Kesha is gearing up to perform her hit, Praying, at this years ceremony.

She will also be wearing a white rose, as will other women, and her performance will include Camila Cabello.

Ken Ehrlich, the Grammy Awards executive said that wearing a white rose is purely choice, but they will support it. ‘We’re aware of it and we’re certainly supportive of the movement, but the reality is we’re more concerned with allowing artists that we work with to express themselves and have artistic freedom. If, in fact, that’s part of that, then that’s something we support.’

The Grammy’s will air tomorrow night.

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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