Last night, ITV aired the much talked about interview between Piers Morgan and Donald Trump… 

Morgan travelled to Davos and managed to find time to talk with Trump during the World Economic Forum. Morgan has publicly spoken about how proud he is to call Trump a friend, and this interviewed proved that all Morgan cared about was trying to appease Trump and stay on his good side.

The 45 minute airing felt like it was padded. Whilst headlines told us how Trump was not a feminist and that he had apologised for retweeting far-right Britain First, the interview gave us nothing new.

It was like watching Trump and Morgan having a catch up. It was not journalism.

The thing is, this interview should have been anything but dull. Here we have two men that the public hate. Whilst Piers Morgan is like marmite, Trump’s overall popularity in the United Kingdom is very low. At one point, Morgan tells Trump that the United Kingdom does not like him, and would not welcome him for a visit.

Whilst this could have been something juicy, Trump continued to show his delusion by saying he knows the United Kingdom loves him, and that he gets fan mail from United Kingdom residents every day.

The interview only gave us an insight into what Trump enjoys talking about: himself. There were many sound-bites that have been recited on loop in every Trump interview. Here we had ‘fake news’, we had ‘stock market at 84 percent highs’, we even had Trump call himself a ‘stable genius’.

When pushed on Britain First, Morgan asked him to apologise for retweeting unconfirmed sources of ISIS recruits attacking British citizens. Whilst Morgan claimed Trump did in fact apologise for retweeting the hateful, racist and far right tweets, the reality was that Trump said ‘if that is what you’re telling me, and what you want me to say, then yes I apologise.’ His so called apology was classic Trump: he would not read up on Britain First, he was not open to learning about their history, he was not there to get educated. Instead, he was there to appease his ‘good friend’.

Then, Morgan asked Trump what he thought of Meghan Markle’s comments on him during the election. Meghan appeared on a US panel show and called Trump a chauvinist. Morgan asked if Trump had been invited to Harry’s wedding, and Trump said he has not. When asked if he would like to go, Trump simply replied that he hoped they were happy.

The interview came across as simply biased questioning. It was Morgan trying to stay on Trump’s good side. He claimed it was hard hitting journalism, yet he used questions that were easily avoidable to be answered and were already in the public domain. Trump was not questioned on the tape that was released during the election campaign of grabbing women by the pussy. He was not questioned on the apparent affairs he has had with porn stars and prostitutes. He was not questioned on China, on Korea or Syria.

But what we did find out, however, was that Macron was a ‘good friend’. We also found out that Trump likes to Tweet.

The interview came across as damp. It offered nothing new and was incredibly disappointing.

We expected better.

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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