Last night, Kesha performed at the Grammy’s, and brought everyone to tears…

Praying, a song by Kesha, was written and released about her experience with her producer, Dr Luke. It was a song that said ‘fuck you, I’m strong and I will continue and you can’t break me.’ It was a song that empowered her, that fought back, and it was a song that fans didn’t think they were ever going to get.

But within the next couple of months, Hollywood’s glitzy shell was split in half, revealing a more sinister side that people hadn’t been talking about: Hollywood producers and actors were sexually assaulting people in the work place, and as one person came forward, so did many others.

The notorious producer, Harvey Weinstein, was a key part in being exposed as a man that had abused his position of power. Notable women came forward to say he had sexually assaulted them and promised them if they didn’t sleep with him, they would never work again. Whilst some women said no, there were a plethora of others who fell victim to him.

And thus, Praying became an anthem not only for Kesha’s freedom, but also for the #MeToo movement.

At this Grammys bash, artists wore white roses to symbolise their support for women that had been assaulted. It was a platform for women to come together, and men, and tell Hollywood they knew what was happening and they were going to stop it. Artists that wore white roses included Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and Sam Smith.

Kesha was joined on stage by women wearing white. These women included Cindi Lauper, Camila Cabello and Bebe Rexha.

Despite this very moving and poignant performance, Kesha lost out to winning best pop vocal because of Ed Sheeran.

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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