Recently, Feisty News reported on iPhone X’s apparent lack of sales…

And it now looks like the production of the iPhone X is being slashed by 50%. According to Japanese financial newspaper, Nikkei, Apple has notified suppliers that it will be cutting production targets by half for the first quarter. This means it will now be lowered to 20 million.

When the iPhone X debuted, people had mixed reactions. Many people were unhappy that the phone was the most expensive a mobile phone had been – £1000 – and others were unhappy with the notch at the top of the screen.

The cut was decided by Apple after less sales than expected were made in Europe, China and the USA.

The current production target for models such as the iPhone 8 are 30 million.

However, Apple are expected to release two new models later this year, including the rumoured iPhone X plus.

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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