How strange that is has been one month since The Year of the Woman took hold of the Big Brother house. In that month, we’ve seen India Willoughby become the most annoying housemate of the year, Ann Widdicombe roll her eyes one too many times, a not so Genuine relationship, unwanted intruders and a relationship between two men that everyone is wanting to happen…

This series of Big Brother on channel 5 has been a good return to form. We haven’t had to watch conversations about shagging women and how big the other man’s dick is. We’ve had intellectual debate on politics, the gender pay gap and LGBT rights. Whilst there were one or two problems – too many people going into the house from the outside world – it has been a great series, and we’re not ready for it to end!

So tonight at 9PM, join us here at Feisty Press as we live blog the final!

We’re live! Are you with us?

Ann has had a hair cut!

The highlights of the series have been great – remember India?!

Wayne Becomes first housemate evicted!

Next housemate evicted is Jess! Are you sad?

I am convinced Shane L will win.

I’m not the biggest fan of Jess – I feel like she played dumb on purpose – but where else would we get to see Jess talk to Ann Widdicombe about Brexit?

Shane L is the THIRD housemate to be evicted, leaving Courtney and Ann left in the house! Of course, we called this – the ‘villain’ verses the ‘hero’, some would call it. Many people see it as today’s LGBT community fighting against the people stuck in the past.

I bet Courtney and Ann just couldn’t wait for Will and Grace to end!

One final time! We’re about to crown our winner!

Courtney has won this years Celebrity Big Brother, Year of the Woman! Ann is the runner up!

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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