Last night in Paris, Harry Styles supposedly confirmed years of speculation that he likes men…

In new song Medicine, Harry sings lyrics that describe being involved with both men and women, and realising he likes it. He performed the lyrics in front of his current girlfriend, Victoria Secret model Camille Row.

It’s a playful lyric that gives hope to many people who are gay or bisexual, who are looking for a very prominent role model. It’s also a playful lyric that could be compared to Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl.

For a while now, being bisexual has been a trend. Many people have claimed to be bisexual as they believe it made them it edgy, but they don’t truly mean what they are saying.

It gives those who really are bisexual bad rep. People already don’t believe bisexual people actually exist – the idea someone could be interested in both sexes? Is that even legal?

I’m not suggesting Harry is queer bating, so please don’t take it that way. You see, rumours aren’t going away that Styles has had romantic links to men, and insider gossip holds some weight.

It doesn’t matter if Harry is gay or bisexual – what matters is the way he deals with it.

Everyone is entitled to a private life – whether they’re a multi-platinum celebrity or a regular guy – but when you have an influence and a platform, you could really use it to make things better.

Harry Styles is a young man that had all the girls after him. From teenage heartthrob to gorgeous male, the lead singer of a boy band being interested in men is portrayed to us as being unusual. He’s been romantically linked to the likes of Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift. Girls adore him. And there are plenty of boys that adore him, too.

In an interview with Bizarre a year before this concert in Paris, Harry was asked about his sexuality and said he would prefer not to define or label it. That’s fair enough.

But if his lyrics are true to him, and he really is bisexual, I think it is extremely important that Harry really does define his sexuality and speaks out.

It’s also particularly important that we have a pop star that can raise awareness to what it means to be bisexual. It’s not greed. It’s not gay in denial. It’s a sexual preference that has just as much importance as lesbian or gay.

It’s important that Harry gets his privacy. It’s distasteful to hound him and find out if he’s dating men or texting men or tracking down all of his male lovers.

But it would be very beneficial to many people growing up gay or bisexual to have Harry come forward and speak candidly, and proudly, about his sexuality. Even if it is only just one time.

Lyrics can be interpreted in different ways than intended – albeit these lyrics in question are clear – and it’s easy to go back on lyrics than actually speaking out about who you love or who you are.

Harry, we love that you’ve written this song, but please offer your voice to those who see you as their role model and idol!

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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