Liam Payne recently said that his relationship with Cheryl was ‘struggling’, and Cheryl’s PR team were quick to cover it up…

After all, Cheryl can’t be seen as having a struggling relationship, can she? That’s bad for her branding. Now, in a bid to keep things smooth, Liam has spoken positively about his relationship with ‘Chez’.

Promoting his new song, Liam has jumped at every opportunity to speak about Cheryl on the PR trail.

Liam said he was very romantic. He said:

I’m quite the romancer. I don’t know, I mean… a lot of different cooking stuff that I would do. When I’m cooking for someone, well, when I’m cooking for Chez, basically, I like… I don’t know why but my dinner can be just thrown on the thing, whatever, but I have to, like, cut out a little leaf and throw on a little bit of spice and I have to make her dinner really nice. I just have to make her dinner really nice.

And the pair love nothing better than to watch ghostly television.

I love mystery, like, spiritual things. Me and Chezza are actually quite like mysteriously, like, into that stuff, like secretly. You know they have those weird ghost programmes? We love watching those programmes, that’s mostly what’s on our TV. You know that Ghost Adventures squad or whatever they are? When they go see… she LOVES it! And she’ll just sit there and she’s like ‘I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it!’. She gets really into it, it’s funny.

I think someone should tell Liam about the time Cheryl ghost hunted with Most Haunted…

Written by Feisty Press

Reporting on celebrity and entertainment news.

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